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Explore the benefits of a water pressure                 boosting solution

If you have a problem with fluctuating water pressure, it’s easy to do something about it with a booster solution. Watch the film to learn more about how a water pressure booster can improve your comfort and make your home more sustainable.

Things to consider

With the right water pressure boosting solution, enjoy a host of benefits that extend far beyond better water comfort.

Perfect water comfort

  • A built-in pressure tank gives you instant pressure
  • Low noise minimizes sound in your home

Intelligent savings & greater safety

  • Efficient technology reduces energy by more than 40%
  • Protection against overheating, leakages, and blockages



  • Pump, controller, and pressure tank in one unit
  • Quality materials ensure long-term pressure and low noise

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Take a look at our top recommendations and find the right fit for your family and home. For more detailed information click below to download specifications, which you can use when you purchase this solution or when you contact your installer.


  • Ideal for one and two-family houses and flats
  • Ideal for garden irrigation
  • All-in-one booster unit
  • Low noise level 55 dB(A) - similar to the noise from an electric toothbrush
  • Dry-run protection for long lifetime
  • Control via app on smartphone
  • Calendar function for garden irrigation


  • Ideal for one and two-family houses
  • Ideal for garden irrigation
  • Compact booster unit
  • Very low noise level 47 dB(A) - similar to the noise from a dishwasher
  • Lifetime dry-run protection
  • Adjusts automatically to usage needs

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