End-suction close coupled single stage

End-suction close-coupled single-stage pumps are common in every industrial facility and water treatment plant in the world. Available in both a vertical and horizontal design, the end-suction close-coupled single-stage pumps are easy to install thanks to the compact size and the 90-degree angle from inlet to outlet.

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End-suction close coupled single stage pumps

What is an end suction pump?
An end suction pump is a centrifugal pump. The pump often has an impeller, and the suction comes in from one side of the unit and discharges water from the top of it. They can be used in chemical or food processing applications, but they are also used more widely.

And what is a close coupled pump?
A close coupled pump has a single shaft that runs from the motor through to the pump body. The component parts such as the seal, the sleeve and the impeller are connected directly to the motor shaft.

So what is a single stage pump?
A single stage pump is a centrifugal pump that has one impeller rotating on a shaft inside a pump. When the motor runs, the impeller turns, driving fluid flow.

Why might you use an end suction close coupled single stage pump?

When you put all of these functions together, you can see that the end suction, close coupled, single stage pump is a simple design that pumps out fluid at ninety degrees. This basic design means that the end suction pump is used for everything from domestic water supply to industrial processes. They are even used to irrigate crops. 

What pumps are available?

There are three types of end-suction close coupled single stage pumps available to you right now. Each of them has different characteristics, depending on what application you are using them for an what you would like to achieve.

These pumps are particularly effective at dealing with agricultural surface water, but can also be used in HVAC systems which are designed for air conditioning or heating.

Featuring a compact design for optimized space saving, the LC range is often used in farming related applications. It works well with drip irrigation and micro spray uses, but also as a center pivot for distribution by an irrigation arm.

Ideal when space is limited, these pumps can be mounted vertically and have the smallest footprint in this category. They are used in industrial heating but also for HVAC purposes such as air conditioning and cooling.