Carefree Drainage

Explore our range of carefree and reliable home drainage system pumps that can remove drainage water from your house and keep your home safe and clean. 

Keep your home safe and clean with a carefree home drainage system 

When a home sewage system is overwhelmed, it can cause backflow or even flooding, which can lead to costly water damage and potential health risks. Avoid water from entering the home can be complicated and time-consuming, but with a carefree and reliable home drainage system, you can keep your home safe and clean at all times.

Why choose a drainage pump for home use from Grundfos? 

Up to 3 litres

of water can be drained per second for fast water removal

Up to 9 meters

of lifting height

Down to 3 mm

water pumped above floor level

What can the right home drainage system do for you?

Our carefree and reliable drainage pumps for home use pump excess water from washing machines, bath tubs, showers and sinks from building sewers or cellars prone to flooding.

Permanent installation or portable use 

UNILIFT CC are flexible drainage pumps ideal for both emergency and permanent drainage installations. They are lightweight and handy to transport, which makes them a perfect portable drainage solution. 

High performance solution 

UNILIFT CC can drain up to 3 litres of wastewater per second and pump down to 3 mm, so the floor is almost wiped dry. When used in a submerged installation, it can transport water up to 9 meters high.

Easy to plug and play 

The UNILIFT CC features a double outlet, so it immediately fits all connections, horizontally or vertically. Thanks to the MULTIBOX variant containing all necessary hoses and materials, you can react quickly if your cellar is flooded.  

Choose the right home drainage system for your home

Take a look at our most popular drainage pumps for home use. If you need a submerged solution/sump pump solution, we recommend that you contact your local installer for guidance on the optimal solution for your home.

Note: professional installer companies are randomly searched and displayed based on geographical location and not approved or certified by Grundfos

The Grundfos UNILIFT CC

Our most versatile, long-lasting drainage pump solution. Take control over your home drainage easily with the UNILIFT CC when you need water removed from your basement or from one of your domestic appliances.

Highly thorough  

The UNILIFT CC features a stainless steel strainer that can be removed anytime for suction of down to 3 mm.

Robust & reliable

Built from stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, UNILIFT CC gives you a robust, long-lasting solution, ensuring long-term performance and cost savings on maintenance no matter where it’s installed.

Intelligent control

UNILIFT CC can be controlled with a float switch at the pump or can be delivered as a pump with a controller for enhanced safety and extra alarm options.


Height: 30.5 cm, Width: 16.0 cm and Weight: 4.35 - 6.5 kg depending on model

Note: dimensions are indicative for pump type – but may vary on different models 

Our most popular drainage pump

"Grundfos is a very quiet pump compared to my old pump. I install it on my roof but I can hardly hear it."

Haris, homeowner, Malaysia