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Do you know how much time and water you waste?

If your water pressure is too low it can take 30 minutes to fill a regular bathtub as opposed to 10 minutes – with the right booster solution.

Waiting for hot water leads the average three-person household to waste around 16,000 litres of water a year – enough to fill 66 bathtubs. 



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Always waiting for the water to heat up?

Don’t stand around waiting for the water to heat up. You’ve got other things to do. See how you can get hot water fast. 

Dealing with low water pressure in your home?

Tired of starting the day with a weak shower? What about a toilet that take forever to fill? You don't have to make your life work around low water pressure. See how you can get perfect water pressure in your home. 

Dealing with low water pressure in your garden?

Tired of low garden hose pressure and taking forever to water your garden? With the right water pressure booster, fix your low water pressure issues and make the most of your garden.