It’s your home, so get comfortable 

What does home comfort truly mean? It’s stepping into a warm, welcoming space where you feel physically and emotionally at ease. It’s the simple things that come with home comfort solutions, like keeping a consistent indoor temperature throughout your home, ensuring instant hot water at your fingertips or getting stronger water pressure every time you step into the shower.


No more time wasted or water down the drain

Did you know the average homeowner waits up to 20 seconds for hot water from taps or showerheads? That adds up to a lot of minutes in a day.

Now, you can cut those minutes down to nothing with a smart hot water recirculation pump. By intelligently adapting to your daily water use habits, you get a constant flow of hot water running through your pipes exactly when you need it. This makes every moment a warm and welcoming one – without wasting a single drop of water or kilowatt of energy.

Give your water pressure a boost

Low pressure can limit your home's water comfort potential. With a smart pressure-boosting pump solution, you can experience a superior, consistent and more powerful home water comfort experience. 
It ensures that water won’t trickle from your showerhead or taps. Enjoy strong, consistent water flow throughout your home, even if you are running up to eight taps at once. It’s even quieter than most washing machines. You won’t even notice it running in the background.

Get perfect heating for a comfortable home

What is the secret to a cozier home? It’s all about optimising your heating systems and getting full heating comfort. That’s where reliable, smart pumping solutions come in. 
Thanks to their intelligent hydronic balancing and customisable temperature controls, smart pumping solutions ensure your radiators, underfloor heating - or both - deliver perfect warmth to every corner of your living space. They do all that and lower energy consumption by up to 85% compared to an old fixed-speed pump.

"Grundfos is a very quiet pump compared to my old pump. I install it on my roof but I can hardly hear it."

Haris, homeowner, Malaysia