Hot Water Circulation

The Grundfos Circulator range provides solutions for hot water pressure boosting, hot water circulation to provide instant hot water and for heating applications.

Sick of waiting for Hot Water to arrive at your taps?


Save hundreds of litres from going down the drain every year by installing a Grundfos Hot Water circulator, making hot water instantly available at your taps, whenever you need it (with return line).

All models are constructed from high quality, hygienic stainless steel for long, corrosion free life.





Are suffering from weak shower pressure?


Boost your existing household hot water pressure from a storage tank by adding a Grundfos UPA N Hot Water Pressure Booster. Applied to each outlet you wish to Booster a UPA N will make a big difference to your daily shower or the pressure at any other outlet that it is connected to.



Heat your house energy efficiently with hot water


Hot water radiators are amongst the most energy efficient ways to heat a home.

Check out the Grundfos range of Hot Water Circulators specially designed for hot water heating systems. Highly energy efficient motors keep running costs to a minimum.



Locate your nearest Authorised Grundfos Dealer

Your Grundfos Authorised Dealer possesses not only the best LOCAL knowledge, but also a genuine desire to discuss your individual pumping requirements and provide you with a professional solution to meet your needs.