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230N200-7-C - 15D630F7

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      Product name: 230N200-7-C
      Product No: 15D630F7
      EAN number: 5700393997578
      Pump speed on which pump data are based: 3450 rpm
      Rated flow: 55 m³/h
      Rated head: 80 m
      Actual impeller diameter: 98.3 mm
      Stages: 7
      Impeller reduc.: C
      Shaft seal for motor: SIC/SICFKM
      Curve tolerance: ISO9906:2012 3B
      Model: B
      Valve: YES
      Motor version: T40
      Pump: Stainless steel
      Pump: EN 1.4401
      Pump: AISI AISI 316
      Impeller: Stainless steel
      Impeller: EN 1.4401
      Impeller: AISI AISI 316
      Motor: Stainless steel
      Motor: DIN W.-Nr. 1.4539
      Motor: AISI 904 L
      Maximum ambient pressure: 60 bar
      Pump outlet: 4"NPT
      Motor diameter: 6 inch
      Pumped liquid: Water
      Maximum liquid temperature: 40 °C
      Max liquid t at 0.15 m/sec: 40 °C
      Selected liquid temperature: 20 °C
      Density: 998.2 kg/m³
      Electrical data 
      Motor type: MS6000
      Applic. motor: GRUNDFOS
      Rated power - P2: 15 kW
      KVA code: H
      Mains frequency: 60 Hz
      Rated voltage: 3 x 208-220-230 V
      Service factor: 1.15
      Rated current: 71.5-67.0-65.0 A
      Starting current: 460-520-570 %
      Cos phi - power factor: 0.86-0.85-0.84
      Rated speed: 3430-3450-3470 rpm
      Start. method: direct-on-line
      Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): IP68
      Insulation class (IEC 85): F
      Motor protec: NONE
      Thermal protec: external
      Built-in temp. transmitter: yes
      Motor No: 96303806
      Cable number: 96163476
      DOE Pump Energy Index CL: 0.92
      ErP status: EuP Standalone/Prod.
      Net weight: 76.5 kg
      Gross weight: 106 kg
      Shipping volume: 0.232 m³
      Sales region: Namreg

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