Product recycling

ErP compliance and beyond

Information in compliance with the ErP Directive concerning end-of-life of our products can be found on this website – on product specific pages – and in the technical documentation of each product.

Grundfos provides information on end-of-life for all our products to have a uniform information system on how our products can be handled once they have reached the end of their usability.

Please visit the specific product pages to gain access to precise information on product families.

General product end-of-life information:

Materials we use
Most of the materials used for Grundfos products are different kinds of metals, polymers, rubber, and ceramics.

Disassembly of Grundfos Products
The disassembly of Grundfos products can largely be done by means of hand tools.

As part of a high focus on product compliance we have devised the Grundfos Focus List, which bans or restricts the use of certain chemical substances in Grundfos products, production processes and at Grundfos facilities. The list has been developed on grounds of European legislation such as REACH regulation, RoHS, Battery, Packaging, ODS and POPs directives. For more information please visit the Grundfos Focus List webpage (

Application consideration
Whilst the materials and substances we use and source need to be in compliance with above mentioned legislation, the application of the product has a great influence on if the product needs to be handled with special care at the end of its life time (if e.g. the product has been used in chemical industry)