Efficient heating

Unlock high levels of comfort and energy savings when upgrading to efficient heating with Grundfos home heating solutions. 

Get comfortable with efficient home heating solutions

When it comes to heating, water circulator pumps are some of the biggest energy users. In fact, 10% of the total electricity in the world is used by pumps – often inefficiently. Most homes have a pump that is running perfectly well, but because it’s more than 10 years old, it uses too much energy – affecting your electricity bill and the environment. No more of that. Say hello to big energy savings and increased levels of comfort with efficient heating.

Why choose a eco heating system from Grundfos? 

As low as 10W/h

on your energy consumption

Save  80% 

electricity compared to traditional pump

Save $100  

per year by switching to variable speed pump

What can the right home heating solutions do for you?

Heating pumps are essential to home comfort. Today, there are 200 million pumps running inefficiently worldwide. By replacing your circulator pump with an intelligent and energy-efficient one, you can cut your energy consumption considerably and improve overall indoor comfort and climate. Whether your home runs on radiator or underfloor heating, we have the solution that adapts to your needs, so you can maximize your comfort and minimize your energy consumption.

A perfect fit

Thanks to its compact design, our circulator pumps are a perfect fit for most of the common installations.

Energy and cost savings

Comfort that is also energy efficient. ALPHA only uses 3.4W/h in its min. setting. You can experience significant electricity savings of up to 25% every year by correct commissioning of the ALPHA pump. 

Adapts to You

The home heating solution adapts to your needs. By automatically finding the best setting that works for your family and home, our ALPHA heating circulators offer elevated levels of comfort combined with reduced energy consumption.

Choose the right eco heating system

Provide your installer with information about your home and living situation to find the Grundfos solution that fit your needs. Find a professional installer to get help with selection and installation.

Note: professional installer companies are randomly searched and displayed based on geographical location and not approved or certified by Grundfos

Grundfos ALPHA – the fully digital pump

The future eco heating system. The perfect fit for the sustainable home offering even heat distribution and the best energy efficiency possible - for radiator and underfloor heating.

Fully digital pump

ALPHA is a fully digital pump that offers Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen interface and automated software updates.   


The built in AUTOADAPT automatically monitors your home’s consumption pattern and adapts to changes in demand – on a day-to-day basis and when seasons and need for heating change. You will experience this as increased comfort and energy savings.

Perfect for radiator and underfloor heating

Whether your home runs on radiator, underfloor heating or both, the ALPHA3 pump fits in perfectly with your setup.  

Safe and risk-free

If the water flow stops, the pump automatically stops, too. The ALPHA3 is a safe pump – it takes care of your needs, while also protecting itself, in the eventuality the water flow should suddenly stop.


Length: 14 cm, Height: 18 cm, Width: 8.8 cm and Weight: 1.98 kg

Note: dimensions are indicative for pump type – but may vary on different models

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