Instant Hot Water

Get hot water recirculation pumps and deliver instant hot water to every tap, anytime, anywhere in your home.  

Experience instant hot water with our hot water recirculation pumps

You don’t need to wait for hot water. With our hot water recirculation pumps, you can experience a world of instant hot water and comfort from any tap, anywhere in your home, whenever you need it, without wasting a single drop of water.

Why choose a Grundfos hot water recirculation pump? 

Save up to 12,000 gallons

of water every year  


Up to 88% reduction

on your energy bill if old pump is replaced


No more 2-minute

waiting time when turning on the tap 


What can the right hot water recirculation pump do for you?

Picture a home where instant hot water welcomes you at every tap and showerhead. Our domestic hot water recirculation pumps make this a reality. The benefits can be achieved with our premium pumps with advanced control functionality.

Save water every day

Keeping a constant flow of hot water through your pipes, so you no longer have to wait for hot water when turning on the tap. For a typical household of three, this can save up to 12,000 gallons every year.  

Reduced energy bills

Getting lower energy bills has never been easier. By bringing our reliable, efficient pump solutions to your home, you can achieve fantastic savings on your energy bill of up to 88%, all while ensuring consistent water comfort. 

Increased comfort levels 

In the average household, it takes approximately 2 minutes for the hot water to reach the tap after turning it on. Eliminate wait time and enjoy increased levels of comfort with instant hot water in the shower, bathroom, and kitchen.

Install the right hot water recirculation pump

Provide your installer with information about your home and living situation to find the Grundfos solution that fit your needs. Find a professional installer to get help with selection and installation.

Note: professional installer companies are randomly searched and displayed based on geographical location and not approved or certified by Grundfos

Experience the new Grundfos domestic hot water recirculation range


The new Grundfos ALPHA HWR is an innovative and digitally connected pump for domestic hot water recirculation systems that allows for comfort and water-saving benefits in homes with a dedicated return line.


Designed for homes without a dedicated return line, the new, digitally-connected Grundfos ALPHA COMFORT SYSTEM offers fully digital components that allow for instant hot water, comfort, and water-saving benefits.

Our most popular hot water recirculation pumps

"I no longer wait for hot water - it's instant. Not only do I no longer wait, but I'm saving money on my energy bill and conserving thousand of gallons of water a year."

Christine Appleby, Grundfos employee and homeowner, Guelph, ON, Canada