Perfect Water Pressure

Deliver perfect water pressure to your taps, showers and sprinklers all at once with our water pressure booster pumps.  

Get perfect water pressure for greater home comfort  

The solution to water pressure problems in your home? Replace your old water pump with our water pressure booster pump. Doing this ensures constant water flow through your pipes all day, every day. Even if you’re using multiple taps at the same time, you won’t experience any annoying pressure fluctuations. 

Why choose a water pressure booster pump from Grundfos? 

Up to 8 taps and 3 floors

of perfect water pressure   

44 dB (A)

even quieter than a modern dishwasher

Save up to 40%

on your energy consumption compared to traditional booster pumps

What can the right water pressure booster pump do for you?

Perfect water pressure can enhance your home in many ways. Imagine no more low pressure or sudden water pressure drops when you use multiple taps or showers – and forget about noisy water systems in the background. Installing our water pressure booster pump is a great way to get consistent water pressure flow through your home. And if you’re looking to improve your garden irrigation system, a booster pump can also help increase water pressure. 

Up to 8 taps and 3 floors  

Get stronger, more consistent water pressure every time from up to 8 taps and 3 floors simultaneously. 

NOTE: Tap flow rates vary significantly depending on the type and geography. 

Lower noise levels

Experience one of the world’s quietest pressure booster at 44 dB(A), ensuring quiet and smooth operation and high comfort in the home environment. 

Minimal energy use

Replace your old water pressure booster and give your home maximum energy efficiency. Save up to 40% on your energy consumption and enjoy a cozier, more sustainable living space. 

Install the right water pressure booster pump

Provide your installer with information about your home and living situation to find the Grundfos solution that fit your needs. Find a professional installer to get help with selection and installation.

Note: professional installer companies are randomly searched and displayed based on geographical location and not approved or certified by Grundfos

Grundfos SCALA2

Explore our SCALA2 water pressure booster pump. With its intelligent pump control, this fully integrated water booster pump adjusts performance to your home's demand. The SCALA2 is a compact, all-in-one solution – and it’s the quietest booster in its class.

Intelligent pump control

The SCALA2 intelligently adjusts its speed to align with your preferred home water pressure for maximum comfort.  

Low noise

In typical use it is the quietest booster on the market and will not disturb your home life. 

All-in-one solution

SCALA2 features a pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive, and non-return valve in one compact unit.

Energy efficient

The motor in the pump adapts its speed to system demand in real-time, delivering the right flow of water to taps and showerheads as needed. It slows down during low demand and speeds up during high demand, minimizing energy overconsumption while saving costs.

Smooth operation

The SCALA2 is protected against overheating, leakages in the systems, and blockages, ensuring smooth operation day and night.


Length: 40.3 cm, height: 30.2 cm, width: 19.3 cm and weight: 10 kg

Note: dimensions are indicative for pump type – but may vary on different models

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"Grundfos is a very quiet pump compared to my old pump. I installed it on my roof and I can hardly hear it."

Haris, homeowner, Malaysia