Sustainable water solutions for your home

Outdated water installations often lead to high water usage, energy loss and increased water and energy bills.  The average household consisting of 3 people wastes around 4,500 liters of water a year, which is equal to 66 bathtubs and 37 hours of waiting time. So how can water supplies be made more sustainable? When choosing one of our solutions, you get to improve water and energy efficiency, creating a positive impact on your home and the environment at the same time.

Sustainable heating with energy-efficient pumps

Heating systems consume a lot of energy even when you’re not using them. If your heating circulator pump is 10+ years old, then replacing it with a smart high-efficiency pump can help save up to 80% on energy consumption.

Instant hot water = sustainable water use 

Do you usually have to wait a minute or two for the shower or faucet to warm up? All that time and wasted water adds up – and every drop counts, contributing to the average household losing between 4,000-5,200 gallons every year. An instant hot water installation can eliminate the inconvenience of waiting and offer a home water conservation solution at the same time. 

Sustainable water with rainwater harvesting

Start harvesting your rainwater so you can repurpose it for flushing the toilet, watering your garden, or even washing clothes. Rainwater harvesting pump systems are an incredibly sustainable way to save on your domestic water consumption and preserve water as a natural resource.

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More ways to improve your home with our water and heating solutions

Most homeowners don’t know how easy it is to get the perfect home. With our help, you can upgrade your water and heating systems hassle-free. Take a look at all the possibilities to improve your home below.