Save energy at home – starting today 

While the above examples offer somewhat quick fixes, there are a few big energy users in your home that are easily overlooked. But which, if optimised, can significantly help save energy at home. That’s why it’s a good idea to start by checking your pump installations. You may be surprised at how much energy they consume. 

Don’t let your heat go to waste 

Does your house have radiators or underfloor heating? Then you have a heating pump installed somewhere. And if it’s an older one, chances are it’s a fixed-speed pump, which means it generates the same amount of heat day in, day out, no matter how much heat you actually need. You can get a smarter and more efficient heating pump which not only adapts to your needs and living conditions but also helps you save up to 80% in energy consumption and reduces your energy bills.  

Save water, save energy

Most hot water problems come down to two things: an inefficient recirculation solution - or the lack of one. With the right recirculation solution, unused hot water is sent back to your central water system instead of lying cold in the hot water pipes. A Grundfos recirculator pump can help stop wasting water and thus use up to 90% less energy compared to an old recirculation system. What’s more, you’ll get instant hot water every time you turn on the tap, which will significantly improve your home comfort

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