How to save water at home – the right way

There are many ways to save water at home. They’re not as difficult as you think, and there is no need for big lifestyle changes. You can save water through small daily changes, like turning off taps when you don’t need them or upgrading your home water system with pump solutions. This can make all the difference to your home’s water bills – and the environment.

Save now with instant hot water

Waiting for hot water wastes water. The average homeowner waits up to 37 hours for hot water from taps and showerheads every year, contributing to 4,500 gallons of water waste – the same as filling 66 large bathtubs.

By switching to hot water recirculation pumps, you can save water at home. There’s no more waiting around, and far less water down the drain. 

These pumps intelligently adapt to your water use habits, keeping a steady flow of warm water in your pipes, ready for when you need it most. Save water, save money, and enjoy ultimate home water comfort at the same time.  

Using rain to save water

It’s no secret that rainwater harvesting systems save water at home. They can collect up to 13,000 gallons of water each year without relying on the mains water supply – and can reduce home water consumption by as much as 65%. 

To make the most out of your rain, it’s worth considering pressure-boosting pump solutions. They ensure enough pressure to take the water from your storage tank to your toilet, washing machine or garden sprinklers – without unnecessary disruptions or fluctuations. 

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