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With Grundfos home safety solutions, you get a pump made with industry-leading materials and design that ensures safe operation over the course of many years. Quality materials such as ceramic bearings help prevent pump breakdown over time, while corrosion-resistant components ensure pump reliability and long life. Further intelligent pump controls such as dry-run protection safeguard your pump from failure when the water supply is low. And with smart leak detection systems, leakage will be detected before it creates damage in your home. Read more about safety and reliability precautions for the different water solutions below.

Instant hot water every time

You can enjoy safety features with a hot water recirculation solution that goes beyond instant hot water and home comfort. Our modern recirculation solutions are very quiet in operation and offer protection against overheating through temperature regulation. They are also designed to virtually eliminate clogging usually caused by lime, and the built-in dry-run protection guarantees a long lifetime. What’s more, the hot water recirculation pumps are drinking water approved, so you and your family don’t ever need to worry about water quality.

Efficient and reliable heating

Why not go for a heating solution that is comfortable, energy-efficient, and reliable at the same time? Our heating pumps feature high-quality materials that prevent deposits in critical areas of the pump, materials that are also resistant to corrosion and condensation. Built-in dry-running protection ensures that the pump will never run without liquid in the system. Also, the pump comes with a scheduling feature that allows you to customize operating time in several ways, making sure that the pump only runs when you want it to – or if you choose the model with AUTOADAPT, the pump will automatically adapt to your living conditions to make sure it runs safely at all times. 

Perfect water pressure every time

Enjoy greater home safety with one of our low noise water pressure solutions that is built for long and trouble-free operation. Corrosion-resistant quality components ensure high robustness in operation, smart leakage detection helps detect leaks in the system before they cause damage and the fact that pump, controller, and pressure tank are in one unit makes it easy and safe to operate and move around if you use it for garden irrigation. Plus, the built-in protection prevents overheating and blocking, radically increasing the lifetime of the pump.

Reliable rainwater harvesting

If you want to collect your rainwater and boost and transport it into your home safely, you should consider a reliable rainwater harvesting system such as the SCALA1. The self-priming function allows the pump to start and run on its own, ensuring safe, continuous rainwater flow. Last but not least, these weather-resistant home pumps are built from corrosion-resistant materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Reliable and carefree drainage

With the right home drainage solution – for permanent or portable installation – you can worry less about heavy rainfall and potential flooding of the basement and other areas of your home. Our drainage pumps are made of high-quality composite material and stainless steel, and very easy and safe to use. They can safely handle everything from rainwater, drainage water and water from flooding, to water from showers and washing machines. 

"Grundfos is a very quiet pump compared to my old pump. I installed it on my roof and I can hardly hear it."

Haris, homeowner, Malaysia 

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