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Explore the benefits of a modern recirculation solution

If your home has a hot water recirculation piping system, i.e., a dedicated return line, it’s easy to benefit from an upgraded solution. Watch the film to learn more about how a recirculation solution can improve your daily comfort and make your home more sustainable. 

Things to consider

With the right hot water recirculation solution, you can enjoy a host of benefits that extend far beyond better water comfort.

Perfect Water Comfort

  • Low noise minimizes sound in your home
  • The right size for your specific needs

Intelligent savings & greater safety

  • Protection against overheating
  • Intelligent operation minimizes energy consumption
  • Drinking water approved


  • Quality materials ensure long-term reliability and low noise


Precision-engineered Grundfos pumps give homeowners ready-when-you-are hot water — instant like it oughta be — with state-of-the-art efficiency. Keep scrolling to learn about the full range of products.

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Please note that a recirculation pipe system may be needed to implement the solution.